Artist Statement

As an artist, It's often difficult to find a balance between creating fine art and commercial imagery. I find that my style works as a bridge between those two worlds, combining the emotion and passion of art, with the visual appeal of the commercial world. You'll find my work published online and in print in various industries, as well as in private collections and museum galleries. I've been blessed enough to have some amazing clients that I love to collaborate with. With every project, change is the only constant, the destination is the final product, I'm always glad to be along with you for the journey.

I live in Knoxville, Tennesse with my beautiful wife Erin, and our menagerie of animals.

Creative Process

Each project begins with a brief consultation to define your vision, set the project scope and manage expectations. I work directly with you set the mood, tone and select the visual elements needed to bring your project to life.

I work with a team of local professionals at the top of their game, to deliver professional results. We can cover everything on a set from grip & gaffer duties to hair, makeup and wardrobe. Our goal is to exceed client expectations and make each project better than the last.


Projects are recorded in high-resolution digital capture for the creation of both motion and stills imagery. Digital imaging is primarily used for commercial work with optional tethering. I also capture stills using traditional analog film including 35mm, and 120 formats for a unique final product.

I utilize a variety of small and large custom lighting sources for projects. I shoot with high powered strobes with high-speed sync capabilities as well as with Kino and Arri style continuous lighting.

Next Steps...

Ready to shoot? Let's get to work. Click the button to book your project, I'll respond ASAP so we can get started.

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